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F21 Girl Squad // Transitioning into the Fall

A new adventure is on the blog today and it's all about a collaboration with fashionista's Jen Lumiere and Love Jomy. We wanted to show our readers how easy it is to transition into the fall with affordable pieces! Most of the pieces in our outfits are all from Forever21, I'll try to link as many fall inspired pieces in this post, down below. 

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Happy Blogiversary // 2 Years Later

2 years ago, I was a 20 year old bored with a random digital camera and loved fashion and watching Youtube Videos. 

Now, I'm this creative, passionate human being with a vision...just waiting for my moment to shine!

When I look back on when I started this blog, it's crazy to see how much I've improved with my website design and really defined

Instead of writing on my accomplishments throughout the year, I decided to write about why I started a blog in the first place. we go.

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