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Staycation with Universal's Aventura Hotel

Travel With @kmserr

Feat. Universal’s Aventura Hotel

Hi my loves! Welcome back to another blog post, but this isn’t just any kind of post - it’s my staycation trip at Aventura!!! It was def. a fun adventure to say the least, but scroll right through and see for yourself!

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Getting Ready & Winding Down Feat. Josie by Natori

Hey everyone! Here's a little insight on how I like to get ready and "un-ready" in style and comfort! Thanks to Josie by Natori, I feel comfortable and chic while doing my normal routine. When I am getting ready, I don't know about you but I love to get ready in a robe while doing my hair and makeup. This Josie Bardot Satin Wrap is my ideal robe and a must-have in my closet. Shop the wrap HERE and take 10% off with this Natori coupon code.

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Resort Mode

Here's a quick simple outfit of the day where I spent my day at the Four Seasons here in Orlando. I thought I'd share this look with you all to show that you don't have to spend a lot of time planning a nice outfit when you're out and about on vacation. When I'm in vacation mode, I love to be comfortable and where items that I can mix and match with everything else. 

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