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It's important to take the time to love yourself, and to just say "love yourself" seems like it's so easy and simple right? But we often don't think about how we constantly bring ourselves down on a daily basis. Criticizing my natural features, or how I've gained some extra weight and put myself down for that, or just flat out feel insecure.....I do it often.....we all do. It's important to remind yourself that if you want to love yourself - you have to love ALL parts of yourself. Your weaknesses, your flaws, your insecurities, your strengths, your beauty, & your heart and soul.

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Street Style ft. Harlowe & Graham

Hello my loves! Welcome back to another outfit of the day! Here's an inspiration for a day where you want that street style look with some girly touches to the look.

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From striped dresses to pants - To pin and bold stripes and in all different colors! I've been loving this pattern to add to say summer wardrobe!

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