Happy Blogiversary // 2 Years Later

2 years ago, I was a 20 year old bored with a random digital camera and loved fashion and watching Youtube Videos. 

Now, I'm this creative, passionate human being with a vision...just waiting for my moment to shine!

When I look back on when I started this blog, it's crazy to see how much I've improved with my website design and really defined kiaramichelle.com

Instead of writing on my accomplishments throughout the year, I decided to write about why I started a blog in the first place.

So....here we go.

Around 2012 when I graduated high school, I didn't really know where I wanted to go - career wise. Throughout high school, I was involved in so many activities and different electives. I loved playing sports, but then I also loved being in my web design classes AND loved being in the yearbook club while ALSO running for vice president of my senior class. So my dilemma was that I've always loved diversity when it comes to things that I love. I hated routine and doing the same thing over and over. After high school, I couldn't just see myself doing just ONE thing for the rest of my life. After a year of finding a full time job and finishing up my AA degree, I started to think about my passion. That's when it hit me, I've always had a passion for creativity and art. From web design to pottery, and fashion to makeup, I always loved to just think outside of the box and just let my creativity shine through whatever it is I'm doing.

That's when I started  to research different ways to combine my passions and BOOM- kiaramichelle.com was born. EST. OCTOBER 2013.

Blogging isn't just some trend that I picked up on, it was something that helped me grow as a person and kept my creativity alive. I loved the fashion world so much, I remember when I would watch Chanel's runway looks during my computer classes for inspiration for my photoshop work. I also look back at the first website that I created of a contest and won, a website dedicated for cupcakes! Ha. And I also remember having family and friends constantly coming to me for advice and tips on beauty and fashion. All of these memories really showed me that starting a blog was just perfect for me.

Blogging to me isn't about showing off the latest outfits or high end makeup, it's about being free and being able to communicate to the world and network with others! 2 years later and I'm so happy to see where kiaramichelle.com is today. I've redesigned my brand to represent who I am now, and I hope you guys have enjoyed being on this journey with me. I know that this isn't whats left, there's so much more that God has in store - I'm incredibly blessed.


- THE BIG 2 -

can't wait for the years to come, xo

Enjoy these pictures that I collaborated with photographer "Simply Lively" , I absolutely love her and her work! Def. check out her website and instagram @simplylively to stay connected with her photos!