It's important to take the time to love yourself, and to just say "love yourself" seems like it's so easy and simple right? But we often don't think about how we constantly bring ourselves down on a daily basis. Criticizing my natural features, or how I've gained some extra weight and put myself down for that, or just flat out feel insecure.....I do it often.....we all do. It's important to remind yourself that if you want to love yourself - you have to love ALL parts of yourself. Your weaknesses, your flaws, your insecurities, your strengths, your beauty, & your heart and soul.

And  you're probably wondering how was I able to conquer all of that and ultimately found strength within myself, right? Well, it all starts with PATIENCE. Give yourself patience!!! Take some time to really appreciate the things that make you, you. Stop stressing yourself out with this non-realistic timeline that society thinks you should stay on, because that's when comparison starts creeping up on you. Once you've really taken the time to be patient with yourself and value who you are, you'll already notice the confidence boost within you. 

And I say all of these things, because I've been through it. I had to take a step back to snap out of it and to really take the time to focus on myself. Through this crazy season of my life - between wedding planning, college, internship and still trying to freelance ; it's not easy. I would notice how I would put myself down because I wasn't where I thought I would be in my career ; which ultimately leads to doubting yourself & if you're good enough ; which then leads to comparing yourself to others.....which is where I stopped. Because if I was going to continue on this path of self doubt and insecurities then I would never find God's purpose for myself. 

There's no step by step guide on how to start loving yourself but I do want to give you guys some tips on my personal experience and what really helped me stay motivated within myself and to truly love every aspect of who I am.

My Tips: 

- Surround yourself with people who uplift you and support you (you need all the support that you can get, and it's okay to distance yourself from those who aren't helping you through this time of your life.)

- Find yourself envying people on social media? DO A SOCIAL MEDIA CLEANSE. It's crazy how social media can have an affect on our self esteem, but what I've been doing is literally ONLY follow those that inspire me and make me happy when I see their content. Cleanse your socials and make them a happy place where you can find inspiration and ideas!

- Read books! I recently bought two books to help with my whole self love journey! One big is more spiritual called "Friend of Sinners" by Rich Wilkerson, Jr. & "You are a Badass" by Jen Sincero (don't judge the book by it's title, lol I pay no attention to the more explicit language, and just focus on the main message) Reading self growth books is honestly something so refreshing to me, especially when I had a stressful day.

- Start building your confidence and stop second guessing yourself & JUST DO IT

- Embrace your flaws. I would feel so insecure in my bare skin with no I've challenged myself to where less and less makeup to the point where I only where concealer and mascara & I've been truly embracing my natural skin. 

- TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. This past summer I've been lazy and sluggish and that's no one else's fault but my own. Yesterday was actually my first workout in two weeks and I'm promising myself to not stay off track. YOU ARE YOUR OWN MOTIVATION. If I'm feeling insecure because my stomach is bigger than usual, it's because of myself and I haven't felt motivated. Also, love your body AKA eat real food. (What's real food?) FOOD FROM THE EARTH. Eat more veggies and fruits....your body will thank you later.

My last & final tip and THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP

- PRAYING. I am a spiritual being and in order for me to feel complete, my soul needs to be filled with true happiness....aka (for me) His word and prayers. I cannot tell you how many times I've felt lost or felt like I really had no clue what I was doing. But the moment I start praying to God - I feel this sense of relief and peace. His word gives me strength. And if He loves me, there's no reason why I shouldn't love myself!!

If I uplifted at least ONE person with this post, then my purpose with this message has been fulfilled. I hope I was able to touch your heart, because guess what - NO ONE is perfect or happy 24/7. We all have our moments of self-doubt, but what's important is that we overcome those moments in our lives and truly embrace every aspect of who we are. 

Have a blessed day!

Until the next post, KM