Greetings From Florida


Greeting From Florida

For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in Florida. I love this state because it has so much to offer - from the beaches along the coasts to the major cities across the state. Florida is my home, a beautiful one at that. This past week, Hurricane Irma hit the state and many suffered from losing their homes, major flooding and damages, and more. My family and I were fortunate enough to stay safe throughout the storm with no major damages. Others weren't as fortunate which is why I want to link several organizations that you can choose from to help those who have suffered from this natural disaster. These are ones that I've researched about, but always make sure to read about these organizations & carefully choose which one you want to donate to or volunteer at! 

- Clean the World : I've volunteered at Clean The World in Orlando's location which we've made hygiene kits for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

- Volunteer Florida : To see which shelters you can volunteer at CLICK HERE

- Harvest Time : A non-profit organization based in Sanford, FL Volunteer CLICK HERE

- South Florida Wild Life Center : A Non-Profit organization who's mission is to continue saving wildlife CLICK HERE for more information 

- ConPRMetidos : A local, organization based in San Juan, PR is raising money to support long term revitalization of the communities affected in Puerto Rico. Find out more HERE

* I will continue to update as soon as I find out about more organizations that are trustworthy (in my opinion)* 


P.S. not only was Florida, but the Caribbean was affected as well, I'll be posting more organizations dedicated to the Caribbean as well.

Even if you weren't affected by this natural disaster, all over the world there are people who are hurting and going through obstacles that many of us can't even imagine. So just remember, let's take the time to show each other love. If we try, every day to make a positive impact on someone imagine the difference we can make ?? The world, OUR HOME, is hurting - so let's make a difference and UNITING as one to help each other GROW and show each other what love really is. Even if you can't donate during these times, go out in your community, help your neighbors, even your own family members! The important part is to impact one another and show that there is love left in this world. 


Till next post, with love

Kiara Michelle