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Greetings From Florida

Greeting From Florida

For those of you who don't know, I was born and raised in Florida. I love this state because it has so much to offer - from the beaches along the coasts to the major cities across the state. Florida is my home, a beautiful one at that. This past week, Hurricane Irma hit the state and many suffered from losing their homes, major flooding and damages, and more. My family and I were fortunate enough to stay safe throughout the storm with no major damages. Others weren't as fortunate which is why I want to link several organizations that you can choose from to help those who have suffered from this natural disaster. These are ones that I've researched about, but always make sure to read about these organizations & carefully choose which one you want to donate to or volunteer at! 

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But First Coffee

There's nothing like ending your weekend with a nice Sunday brunch with your best friend. We went to Barnie's Coffee Kitchen in Winter Park, Florida and stuffed our faces with yummy food. Here's a couple of typical food pics and some toot's of my denim overalls that I am obsessed with. Btw, they're liked down below. Xo

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