Feeling Uninspired With Your Wardrobe? // Styling Tips with Kiara Michelle

A quick little ootd of styling a shirt that I've seen all over Pinterest! I love getting inspiration from Pinterest especially when I'm feeling a bit lost when it comes to my wardrobe. Have you guys ever felt that way before ? You just stand in front of your closet and just stare...and stare, because it feels like nothing resembles your style anymore?

I get this question a lot, "How do you stay inspired with your clothes? Do you always buy new clothes that are on trend to stay creative with your wardrobe? And here is my answer - 

Well, it happens to me all the time!! But I look for inspiration everywhere! My first place I turn to is Pinterest, I scroll through my news feed and get inspired from fashion posts to even home decor posts. Another way of getting inspired are magazines, I LOVE visuals and even if magazines are mostly looks that aren't for the regular, day to day person - you can still get inspiration from the colors, textures and materials of clothing. 

I don't always buy new clothes when I feel like my old clothes are boring me instead here is what I do (especially if you are on a budget like myself)

1. Rearrange my closet - by me walking into the same closet everyday, seeing the same clothing over and over, of course I'm bound to get bored of my own wardrobe. Rearranging your closet allows you to work your creative juices and let them flow. You can change the layout and you'll probably discover something that you haven't seen before! 

2. Creating new outfits with old pieces - On my time off, I love to play around and create interesting, new outfits with my old clothing. Example - if it's fall season, I take one piece of clothing that I haven't worn in a long time and try to find a way to make it fall appropriate. You'd be surprised with how many new outfits you can create with your old pieces!

3. Like I've mentioned before, Pinterest and Magazines are my go-to visuals when I'm lacking inspiration and creativity. It's an easy way to get ideas! Follow my Pinterest

4. Recycle your money! - Instead of constantly buying new clothes and piling it on top of more clothes, sell your clothes that you KNOW for a fact you won't ever wear again but that are still in good condition, with that same money you get from your profit buy new clothes. That way you're not overspending on your wardrobe and you are creating a minimalistic habit. Here are some places to sell your clothes -

- Depop 

- Poshmark 

- Offer Up (sell locally) 

- Thred Up 

- If you don't like to sell online, be sure to check out local consignment stores! For Example, Plato's closet or in Orlando one of my favorites is called Dechoe's Resale or Avalon Exchange. 

Hope you all enjoyed my little styling tip for this week! Stay tuned for my styling tips on the blog xox