Getting Ready & Winding Down Feat. Josie by Natori

Getting Ready

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Hey everyone! Here's a little insight on how I like to get ready and "un-ready" in style and comfort! Thanks to Josie by Natori, I feel comfortable and chic while doing my normal routine. When I am getting ready, I don't know about you but I love to get ready in a robe while doing my hair and makeup. This Josie Bardot Satin Wrap is my ideal robe and a must-have in my closet. Shop the wrap HERE and take 10% off with this Natori coupon code.


Winding Down


When it's the end of my day, I usually love being in a nice pair of sweat pants. I love feeling cozy and having a lazy night in when I've been running around all day; between shooting for my blog and taking on photography. Winding down and staying cozy is what I look forward to. These black sweatpants from Josie by Natori is another on my must-haves, shop these HERE and take 10% discount with this Natori coupon code!


Thank you Josie by Natori for sponsoring this post!