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Thrifted finds are always the best, and today's outfit was revolved around the skirt that I found at my local Goodwill. Going thrifting you have to be super open minded and be on a creative mindset. When I first saw this floral skirt, it was of course 3 sizes too big and a bit long for my short self - but it was only two bucks so why not, I thought.

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Customizing My Own Pro Palette with MAC

Today's post is an exciting one because I got the opportunity to collaborate with MAC! I got the chance to visit the MAC store at the Florida Mall to create my own pro palette with regional artist Desiree Rodriguez. It was so much fun learning and creating with Desiree, she helped me customized my palette to something that I can use everyday and night. The idea of customizing your own palette with either eyeshadows, blushes, or cream products  is awesome because you're creating your versatile, go-to palette. A palette that you can rely on when you're in a rush or going on a trip. The best part about these palettes is that they're unique because its built around your preference and personality. Keep reading to see how I customized my palette. 

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