Thrifted finds are always the best, and today's outfit was revolved around the skirt that I found at my local Goodwill. Going thrifting you have to be super open minded and be on a creative mindset. When I first saw this floral skirt, it was of course 3 sizes too big and a bit long for my short self - but it was only two bucks so why not, I thought. 

After going home that day, I started to come up with different outfits with this skirt and knew I had to make it high- waisted and leave it at knee length. I love it because I can pair it with all of my cropped tops and dress up the skirt or make it casual, like I did today. 

I love adding unique pieces to my closet, because they're timeless pieces that will make the outfit stand out. Never hesitate when going thrifting, its fun to see what you can creative and take an old piece and make it into something innovative. 

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