Simple Fall Look + Style Tip!

Happy November!

aka my favorite month

Now that we’re finally catching up with the rest of the country (cause you know Florida is late in the fall game), it’s time to share some fall inspo outfits for you all!

Today’s a simple look, but pretty classic in my opinion. It’s super easy to recreate this look with pieces already in your wardrobe.


Belt - Goodwill

(I love thrifting for belts, for some reason I always feel like I find the cutest belts with character at thrift stores!

Name Plate Necklace-

Ainka’s Jewels gifted me this necklace, and I am obsessed! I’ve been wearing this necklace every day! (No lie)


The fisherman hat always makes a comeback during the fall season! It gives any look a tomboy/edgy vibe!

Here’s where you can find this hat

Best part about this look? It’s pieces that I’ve owned for a while now! From the cropped sweater to my favorite fall boots, they’re items that have been in my closet for a few years! It honestly gets overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest trends or constantly buying new things just to keep up with the fashion world. I love going through my closet and pairing items in a new way and trying on old pieces and making them new by adding accessories to it!

Style Tip: Ladies, purge your closet! See what you can do with your current wardrobe, if you feel uninspired, clean out trendy pieces and work with your classic items. It’s better to style classic items and transforming them to work with the current season than sticking to trendy pieces.

Hope you all enjoyed this little post!

What’s your current go-to fall item? Comment down below!