5th Blogiversary + 10k Celebration | Why I started blogging and my advice to you!



Oh and I just hit my goal in 2018, of hitting 10k on my Instagram!!!

There’s so much to celebrate about when it comes to my blog! I honestly can’t believe it’s been five years since I decided to create this outlet. Every year I try to reflect on my brand and write a post about it. But this year, I want to share why I even started this blog in the first place and some tips that can help you if you’re interested in starting your own blog. Okay so let’s get started!

Oh and P.S. there’s a giveaway on my Instagram as a way to celebrate with you all and say thank you!

5 years ago on October 15th, 2013, I decided to start my own blog

The reason is simple: I wanted to find a way to express myself and creativity. I thought to myself, this would be a cool hobby! 5 years ago, I think I knew of maybe 5 well known bloggers online and in the Orlando community months later I met a handful of girls. (P.S. I still keep in touch with them and it’s pretty awesome to see how much we’ve grown!)

Tbh, I didn’t expect anything out of it. I didn’t know getting “free” stuff was a thing, or I didn’t even know bloggers were making a living off of this! Imagine, Instagram literally just launched and Pinterest wasn’t even relevant. But Youtube 5 years ago….was where a lot of the big youtubers started their amazing career!

But anyways, long story short…. I honestly just wanted to talk to my friends and family through my own website. I thought to myself, “Okay my friends keep asking what makeup products to use for this…..this would be cool to share on my own website.” I even remember my first ever blog post….it was a review on Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer and Rockateur Blush….the OG’s in the makeup game. My pictures were from my small little camera….editing from this basic picture software……nothing fancy. Just pure fun and realness!

I think it all started when I was in high school back in 2009-2012. I would always prefer taking art classes over any other academics. I took digital media courses where we would practice photoshop and creating our own website using html coding (not fun at all). I then joined the yearbook club which required me to take photos of sport events for the yearbook. I just always tried to keep my creative juices flowing throughout high school. A year later, I had no idea what I wanted to do career wise and boom, “let’s start a website and see what I can do”.


So, you’re probably thinking….okay what’s the big deal of hitting 10k on Instagram. Well unfortunately, in the past 5 years A LOT has changed in the online world. Nowadays, less and less people like to read blogs and now your target audience is on Instagram. I never want to leave behind my blog, because it’s MINE. But Instagram is where I put most of work into, so there’s a thing in the blogging community where 10k is like the first milestone on Instagram.

Now I always preach, that numbers don’t mean a thing and it’s more about quality engagement over thousands of followers BUT it’s been a business goal of mine for quite some time now. It’s a reflection of my hard work, it shows me that people are enjoying my content AND it’s the beginning of many things to come.

I have a video on tips about starting a blog and what not. But if you’re reading this and you’re interested in diving into this social media world, here are my honest advices!

  1. Whatever you do, do it with a purpose. - I started with just doing it for fun and express myself, but I always wanted to give purpose in my content which came over time. But now this is more of a common thing to do, start with a purpose!

  2. Be YOURSELF, don’t follow into the trend trap (hey, we’re not perfect and sometimes I fall into this trap too. But just try really hard not to)

  3. DON’T COMPARE and guys……trust me when I say even the most perfect model on IG doesn’t have the perfect life that she portrays. In the digital world, there’s people that cover their real lives with filters and perfect edited photos BUT do not get discouraged.

  4. Create unique content! If you’re an expert in photography, writing, styling, drawing, WHATEVER it may be, be unique and stand out from the rest. Honestly, the way I try to is by getting inspiration from magazines, pinterest, basically- I don’t get my inspiration from Instagram or other blog sites. Because it then can be repetitive or looks like I’m trying to replicate a photo that’s already out there. Go out and get inspired using different environments or materials to get you started.

  5. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY now this advice may sound contradicting since I’m celebrating a number, but honestly you guys don’t lose focus on your goal and purpose. Everyone’s success is measured in their own way and don’t let numbers consume you. I use to be so insecure about my content and thinking if I was ever going to be “good” enough but GIRLLLLLLL let me tell you, GOD MADE YOU AND CREATED YOU IN HIS VISION WITH A PURPOSE and oh HE loves you and thinks you’re good enough for His love. So don’t get caught up! Because trust me, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s really important.


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