Time to Celebrate! NYE Edition

WOW! This year flew by, but doesn't it always? I just can't believe I'm writing my last blog post of 2016. This year has def. taught me a lot about myself and what it actually means to follow God's plan. So many doors have closed for me this past year, but only to let bigger and better ones open. 

I'm forever grateful for each and every one of you that follow my blog and show so much support! Starting a blog was def. the best decision of my life, it's lead me to amazing opportunities and great people.

Reflecting on my life this past year, wow things went in the complete opposite direction. But I'm grateful for the things God didn't let happen, because it's lead me to right now, today and all of the good things that did happen. 2016 was a year of growth for myself and my blog. I restored my faith in God and there is no turning back for me and I don't regret it! He has blessed me in so many ways that my worst days don't even seem that bad anymore. 

In 2016, I struggled with balancing life and blogging. It's a year where I def. thought about exactly where I want to take this and what I want out of all of this. I can't believe I got to collaborate with one of my favorite companies, Urban Outfitters! I also got the change to go to Ipsy's Gen Beauty in NYC, where I met so many of my inspirations! I also became apart of a blogging community with amazing people! Because of that, I created so many beautiful friendships where all  we do is support one another! Ahh, I'm just ready for you 2017! I'm ready for what God has planned and I'm filled with excitement.

Love you all, see ya next year!


Ready for you 2017!