Minty Fresh

While going through my closet thinking of ways to style this two piece set, I said to myself "How could I make this"

I sat down with owner of and got the chance to talk about collaborating and fun ideas, she gave me this lovely set and couldn't be more grateful.

If you know me, you know that I'm not into the whole crop top and tight high waisted skirt (aka kim kardashion style...not hating but just not my thing). So I decided to just be me and style this set with my own taste and personality.  I added my good ole pair of white converse to show that you don't have to style a crop top and high waisted skirt the same way. This trend can be very versatile and the way I styled it is by adding comfort to it. Don't be afraid of being you and feeling comfortable in your own outfit. For example, me personally a tight skirt with a bralette and scrappy heels...just isn't me.

I'm in my 20s, and my twenties are meant to have fun and experiment. Sure trends are fun to stay updated with and get inspired by, but that doesn't mean your personality should be shadowed by what other people think is in. This outfit made me feel comfortable and confident and that's what every girl should feel when they get dolled up and put on an outfit.

                      Dress   StyleMandCo.  //  Shoes  Converse //  Watch  Fossil //  Hat  Target

                      Dress StyleMandCo. // Shoes Converse // Watch Fossil // Hat Target

Disclaimer: This piece was sent to me by StyleMandCo, and I’m so happy to be able to do this collaboration with them.