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I recently just uploaded a video on Youtube titled, "How to find happiness within yourself first" and I thought I would also do a blog post on the subject as well.


This subject on happiness is important to me and should be important to the rest of the world as well. A lot of people have a hard time trying to be happy with themselves- alone. Meaning, sometimes people depend on others for happiness and then lose sight of who they truly are. In my youtube video, I introduced my backstory on how I found my own happiness through a hard time in my life and that is when I discovered how strong of a person I am. BUT I won't get into that - if you want to know just click on the video link above! Anyways, here is my intake on how YOU can find happiness within yourself...

  • Do not let others influence your happiness because YOU are in control of YOUR life. Sometimes, we as humans want to feel accepted by society and we start to live our lives based on other people's opinions.
  • Do the things that make you happy - wear what you want, listen to the music you like, play the sports you want to play, etc. Life is all about exploring your interests, don't waste time on following the latest trends or whatevers "in" at that moment. Find out who you are.
  • Keep your surroundings POSITIVE. I cannot stress that enough, being positive changes your perspective on life. Once I started to live positively, I noticed how everything just started falling into place. Instead of being sad about a situation, get up and make something out of it! Do not let the negative stuff affect your happiness. Ofcourse we will have our downfalls, but we must always learn to get back up and keep it moving. I've witnessed those who've been through hell and back and yet till this day, they are the most passionate, up beat people I have ever met. Like I said before, you are in control of your life. Never blame the world for all the bad things that are happening to you. Inhale negativity, Exhale positivity.
  • And finally just live your life and always find time for yourself. "Me Time" is my favorite because I love just reading a book, doing homemade masks, organize my room, etc. Now I'm not telling you to isolate yourself from the world, but just don't get influence to the point where its controlling your interests.

 In the end, finding happiness within yourself is a journey on its own. You'll go through some obstacles (or a lot) and you'll eventually learn what works for you. I believe it has a lot to do with your attitude on any situation and your positive energy. Build your character, start your own style trends, and embrace every flaw and weakness. Because you have to be with yourself to be able to  be happy with anyone else.

Stay confident ladies, till next time!


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