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The color black never goes out of's timeless. I love an all black outfit with a pop of something because it's perfect for any and every occasion. Now let's talk about this Mesh Top from, Jesses Girl Boutique. This top instantly caught my attention with its' unique mesh detail and peplum - like flare. I love simple shirts with unique cuts and small details because it brings the whole outfit together. Adding these leopard mules was a touch of print to this whole black-on-black look and gives it a touch. If you don't know what to wear at all one day, take your favorite black pieces, mix it all up and add a pop of something (can be anything from shoes to purses and jewelry). Hope you all enjoy this post! Make sure to check out Jesses Girl Boutique

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Travel With Me : Boston Pt. 2

Have you just walk through a neighborhood and just envisioned your life there? Well, welcome to Beacon Street - where I fell in love. The cobble stone roads, the flower shops in the corner and that beautiful brick apartment buildings throughout the neighborhood. We didn't plan on spending most of our time here, but I couldn't help myself to stop and take some pictures! Here are some photos of Beacon and my outfit... oh and I had some fun editing these pictures (trying new things) let me know if you like it! Xx

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Boho Vibes

Today's look is def. a little preview of a style I def. want to start getting into...boho. I love all these trendy, off the shoulder looks I've been seeing everywhere! I thought since it was a beautiful day why not recreate this trend and add some Kiara to it.

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