Sometimes you have to take a step back and observe your life.

Observe who you are, how you are with others, and what is your true purpose in life. For the past couple of months, I got chance to take some time to reflect who I wanted to be and how I wanted to grow with my brand and how to make a positive impact in this world. It felt nice to make time for myself and make changes within myself. I've created healthier habits, wrote down my goals, bought some books to give me some motivation and also thought about my business and what I needed to do to make it better.


It's important to take time for growth within yourself - 

it's okay to distance yourself from the world because you need to work on yourself & your soul

it's okay to admit your flaws and mistakes because you can learn from it

it's okay to want to change for the better

Because growth is essential in life - it'll help you create a life filled with quality, helps you build confidence and knowledge & in time your growth can help others want to improve too. 

Maybe,I'm not even making much sense, but I want to let you know - whoever that's reading and feels confused or conflicted within themselves


Take time to work on yourself! If you don't make that effort - who else will?  We're not perfect, and we will never be. But it's important to love yourself and as life goes on, continue to love yourself even more !

Just wanted to share some things that I've been focusing on these past months and get a glimpse of my heart - because honestly, it's important to share your heart with others, you may be the light that someone needs. & I hope to be that light for all of you, because yes I post a lot about materials like clothing and makeup, but life is beyond that. Your heart and soul is what matters in the end, the rest is all just accessories to who you are.