4 Year Blogiversary


Happy 4th Birthday to Kiaramichelle.com 

I probably say this in every anniversary post, but I REALLY can't believe how much time passes by! I wanted to take the time to reflect the past year and what I've learned about blogging and my business. 

This past year I learned a lot about prioritizing and balancing out things in my life. In 2017, I struggled juggling between being a full time employee, full time student and full time blogger/business owner. To be honest, at one point I felt like "maybe this blogging thing isn't going to work out for me as a career" or "maybe I won't be able just be my own boss". But then I had to snap out of it and take charge of my own life. So I got my LLC for my business, so I am the owner of Kiara Michelle LLC, and a lot of people ask, "well what exactly is your business". And basically I am offering blogging/media services and fashion services. If you want to know more about the services that I provide, send me an email and I can send you my services kit! 


After getting my LLC, I started to literally only think about my business and what I can do to make this business grow! In the middle of 2017, I decided to quit my full-time job and just focus on finishing school and giving it my all so I can dedicate to my business. So that's what I'm currently doing right now. I've styled my first editorial photoshoot that ended up being the cover of Model Citizen Magazine and I've styled for a clothing brand called Ravella. I've developed clientele and offered my fashion services. 

In 2016, I had so many plans and goals for this year, but I've realized (yet again) life doesn't go as planned. I had so many expectations for my blog's growth and thought I could do it all until I ended up having to focus on certain aspects of my life. Trying to be your own brand and running your own business is hard especially when the blogging industry has become so saturated and nothing but a "trend" now and days. 


Despite all the lessons that I've learned this past year, it's made me more determined to not give up. To not give up on my goal, my goal into becoming my own boss and being my own brand. To not give up on my blog because of the current social media trends and that not a lot of people are taking the time to read blogs anymore. And to not give up on my creativity and stop being afraid of thinking outside of the box. 

So if there's any advice that I want to give you, my readers, is that to not give up on what makes you happy. Hold on tight to things that make up who you are and don't let go of it because that's what makes you stand out. Life is crazy sometimes, the way it works and the things it throws at you - but it's all apart of it, the process. 

Thank you to those who show me constant support and love here - if at any point my blog starts to become a place where I'm only benefiting from, then I've lost my focus and goal. I want my blog to a place where people can feel inspired! 

To all of my readers, don't give up. Don't let others take away your shine and the chance of doing something amazing for others. 

Here's to another year at kiaramichelle.com xo