When Masks Review

Today's product review is about these cool sheet masks! When provided me three different masks that are all made for unique things! What I love about When masks is that they are all bio-cellulose sheet masks that contain gentle and moisturizing ingredients. 
  1. Glamour Base Mask // This mask is perfect for that night you're getting ready for a special occasion. One of my favorite things to do while getting ready is treating myself to a "at home spa". This sheet mask makes my skin feel calming and silky just before I apply the makeup.
  2. Travelmate Mask // This mask was made for all my jet setters! If you're on a long car trip or airplane ride, this mask will help you relax. My skin gets exhausted after traveling, so after a long trip I put this sheet mask on and my skin feels moisturized and energized.
  3. Snow Magic Mask // I just used this mask the other night when I felt like my skin was dull. Being a student and working full-time, it takes a toll on my skin. With this mask, I feel like I just drank a bottle of water and my skin just brightens up. 

When Masks are available at - 

• Sephora • Ulta Beauty • Anthropologie (online only) • Bartell Drugs • Beautychoice.com (online only) • Birchbox (online only) • Rickys NYC • Starboard Cruise Services

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