Your Skin Is In

Today’s post is all about SKIN and how to protect it. I decided to take on the pledge with the Melanoma Foundation and promised to take care of my skin! If you didn’t know, melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer and unfortunately is most common in teens and young adults. The Melanoma Foundation has traveled throughout New England to educate the young generation on how to take care of your skin.


About My Skin.

Around when I turned 20 is when I really became more aware of the effects of skin damage. I started to develop my own skincare routine and tried my hardest to protect my skin from the sun as much as possible. I no longer cared to be tan, and started to exfoliate and lather on the sunscreen. I have a history of acne, so you can see the redness and scarring on my face. In the last year, I’ve tried so many products to see what works best for me. I also have been eating more clean, because healthy skin starts from the inside most importantly. 


Skincare Routine.

I’ve been using Philosophy’s Purity cleanser for almost 2 years now and everytime I decide to try something else, I just always run back to this cleanser. It’s really gentle on my sensitive skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I also use my Mia Clarisonic, once a week to do a deep exfoliation on my skin and get rid of all the dirt in my pores. Next, is the toner! I can never forget that step because it helps with my redness. I use Lush’s “Breath of Fresh Air” toner water and it has worked like magic in just a matter of weeks! Not only does it calms the redness but also get rid of any excess dirt or makeup on the skin. From there I go into my lotions and creams. During the morning I ALWAYS lather up on sunscreen and the moisturize. At night is when my skin is extra dry, so I go in with an eye cream and a thicker night cream for the face. 


With having combination skin with redness and scarring, it’s important to have a good routine that works and helps my skin get better. I don’t want to say I have it all figured out and now my skin is perfect (because its not). BUT I think with protecting my skin, eating healthier, drinking more water, and having a routine, my skin is heading into the right direction. 


Remember, Your skin is IN. Join the pledge and protect your skin!

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