Back To The Basics

Nothings wrong with being basic....sometimes. Well when it comes to fashion, there's always a demand for "basics"! Today, I wanted to be comfy, cute and simple so I turned to my basics. I'm not always in heels or booties and def. not always "glammed up". Most of the time, I'm just in my simple, normal clothes and that's totally fine. Sometimes I feel like I have to be on point and stay up to date with what on trend or what's in stores all the time. But that's not who I am, I'm not a girl who shops every week and spends tons of money on clothes. I'm not someone who prefers looking a certain rather than feeling comfortable. Or I'm not that person with a full face of makeup if I'm going out on errands. That's just not me. And as human beings, we get caught up in certain things. But this year, I want my personality to shine through my blog. I want my audience to feel like they can relate to me. Because isn't that what being a blogger is all about? Reaching out to others and inspiring them with relatable posts.