Summer Trends // Fav Lippies


Say hello to my new "Summer Trends" series that will be going live on both my website and youtube channel! I want to share with you all my personal favorite trends for this upcoming season. This post is all about my favorite lips for the summer - bold, bright, and colorful!

1. Lilac Flush // Maybelline This color is def. out of my comfort zone and I love it! I've been on the hunt for the perfect lilac shade that works both when I'm tan or on the paler side. This lipstick is perfect because it has such a creamy formula and remains pigmented throughout the hours. Only downside is that it gets into the fine lines of my lips, so before applying I always exfoliate with my lip scrub.

2. Snow Peach // Revlon This lipstick is more on the casual side of things, just because its not as pigmented as all the other lip products but you can build up the color. It's pretty sheer, but the color is a soft coral shade which makes it perfect for this category!

3. Sweet Nectar // Milani  This lipstick is probably one of my favorites out of my entire collection just because I didn't think I would love this color so much on me! (plus its drugstore, so who can beat that?) Milani's lipsticks are known to be very creamy and pigmented - and thats exactly what this lipstick is. The color is a very bright orange, with a hit of red undertones. This color will def. compliment tan or darker skin complexions.

4. Orangesicle // NYX Instense Butter Gloss This one may look a little similar to the previous lip swatch, but its an intense gloss and if you've tried Nyx's butter glosses then you'll love these intense glosses. This orange color is extremely bold and straight up orange. I love that these butter glosses do not feel sticky at all, the only thing is to be careful with the heavy application because then it will start to create these streaky lines.

5. La Vie En Rouge // MAC Another one of my favorites are in this category, and this lipstick is a matte finish. This lipstick is super pigmented, meaning it's literally full coverage on the lips. This product was my first matte finish lipstick from Mac and I am fairly surprised on the formula. It's very velvet-like and smooth when I apply it on my lips. The color is a very rich, rose-y pink color and will go perfect on various skin tones.

6. Peach Stock // Mac You're probably wondering why I added this one into the bunch, but let me just say that this color can intimidate a lot of people BUT its perfect for a summer nude. Peach stock is a very pale nude with a satin finish. I like to wear this color when I am going for the more glow, dewy look. I can transform this lipstick to different shades of nudes with several liners - which I like. Not a lot of people like the pale nude color but it all depends on how you work it. The only thing I really don't like is the finish of it, its hard to apply without it getting into my fine lines and leaving certain areas blotchy.

Hope you enjoyed my first summer trends post! Until next post, xo