Styling My Short Hair // Feat. Oscar Blandi Products


STEP 1« Applied my Oscar Blandi Heat Protectant Spray all over my 2nd day, dirty hair. I like to curl/style my hair on the second day of washing my hair just because you'll get a better outcome with the texture of dirty hair. I'm not into trying other heat protectants since I have my go-to already set in place, but this spray def. surprised me. Once I sprayed it into my hair, the mist quickly absorbed into my hair making it feel smooth. It also had this lemon-zest scent which was def. a plus.

STEP 2« I curled my hair with a 32mm curling wand - I like to curl my hair before adding any other products into it. Ever since I cut my hair, it has been so easy to style it! My natural waves are alive again so curling my hair is pretty simple.

STEP 3« After curling my hair, I added the Texture and Volume Spray by Oscar Blandi and basically messed up all the perfect curls that I had. I like the messy, natural look so this texture spray was perfect since it did exactly what its meant to do.

STEP 4 + 5« After adding some texture to my hair, I want more volume so I grabbed the dry teasing dust by Oscar Blandi. I've never used a product like this so I was excited to see the results. I poured a little amount into my roots and massaged the product into my scalp. As I did this, I started to feel my hair thicken and push upwards - an instant hair lift!

STEP 6« Lastly, I added a drop of some jasmine oil serum onto my fingertips and massaged it in my hands. The way I applied  the oil is by scrunching the bottom part of my hair and whatever was left over added to the rest of my hair. This serum was probably my favorite product out of everything because it made my hair glow and I'm not even sure if that's possible-but it did! This serum added shine and decreased the frizziness, a product must have!

STEP 7« SHAKE IT OFF! I like to give my head a shake or two just to loosen up the curls a bit more and of course more volume.

STEP 8« Voilà! The Final Product in less than 10 easy steps. 

Thank you to my friends at Boxycharm for sending me these Osbar Blandi products! I've never been one to experiment when it comes to hair products, but I'm very impressed with the lavish quality of all of these items. All opinions are my own, and def. wouldn't recommend a product if I didn't believe or love it! Check out Oscar Blandi's website here.