A Southern Taste // 4Rivers

Today's post is on one of my favorite places to go eat some good ole southern BBQ food.

↪ 4 rivers

Down below are just a few of the amazing items they have on the menu...

» p.s. my favorite is the pulled brisket

〉For those who were wondering, I've been to both locations in Wintergarden and Winterpark, Florida. Both are equally good, but I prefer going to the one in Winterpark just because of the area.〈

〉 I love trying new things every time I visit 4rivers, BUT one thing that usually stays the same is my sides. My two main sides that I cannot eat without are : mac'n'cheese and baked beans. If you know me, you know my mac'n'cheese obsession AND they live up to my high standards. The mac'n'cheese is extremely cheesy and doesn't have a strong/overwhelming bbq taste. As for the baked beans, these baked beans aren't your ordinary beans. These beans aren't as sweet but more of that bbq-smoked taste which some people might/might not enjoy.〈

〉 I didn't get to take any pictures of their bakery, BUT I did get to enjoy a carrot cake cupcake because....I couldn't just leave without leaving with some sweets. 〈

〉This restaurant is just an overall great place if you want to go somewhere casual and have original southern smokehouse food. Def. one of the top places I recommend when people ask where to go in Orlando. 〈

Hope you all enjoyed this short ( and tasty ) post , stay tuned for more food posts and reviews!

OH and check out 4River's website and see what food you may like!