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Today's post is all about my experience at Universal's first InstaMeet at Volcano Bay! Many Orlando creatives and photographers including myself had the opportunity to get a sneak peak before the park's opened that day. These pictures were all provided by a mixture of photographers that I had the chance to work with.

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Travel With Me : Boston Pt. 2

Have you just walk through a neighborhood and just envisioned your life there? Well, welcome to Beacon Street - where I fell in love. The cobble stone roads, the flower shops in the corner and that beautiful brick apartment buildings throughout the neighborhood. We didn't plan on spending most of our time here, but I couldn't help myself to stop and take some pictures! Here are some photos of Beacon and my outfit... oh and I had some fun editing these pictures (trying new things) let me know if you like it! Xx

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Travel With Me : Boston Pt.1

I recently took a trip to one of my favorite cities, Boston. I decided to share these picture with you all so you can glimpse of this historical city filled with culture. I didn't get to take as many photos as I'd like, but I honestly was having the time of my life just exploring through my own eyes and not my lens. Hope you enjoy these photos, comment down below with your favorite city to visit!

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