Our Story: The Proposal Pt. 1


Here's to a trip that I will never forget, and would never want to. People always ask you, "How would you want him to propose?!" , "Do you think he's going to ask soon?". Well for me it was a constant conversation during any event with friends or family. I always envisioned how it would be when the love of my life would ask me to marry him, but I never thought that he would surpass any exception of mine or that he would even catch me off guard.....until it happened. So here it is guys, here's our proposal story. 

Days before...


We took a family trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. My family usually makes a trip out to Tennessee or Georgia every year for Christmas, but this time we decided to take our trip during July. We stay for a week, and each day was an adventure! Our first day we decided to take a trip to an apple farm and taste some yummy food! We also drove by a cute little bakery, which I def. had to test out. 


Adventure Day 


Day 2 was filled with so many adventures! We went four wheeling and zip lining at the farm in the middle of no where, and what an amazing experience that was! Calixto and I both crossed off things from our bucket list and it was honestly the best way to bond and spend time with my family. 

Adventure Day 2 

Water rafting was something that I've always wanted to do, so this day we got to really test out our skills and decided to water raft and no we didn't choose the easy route! This was probably the second best memory (the proposal was of course the first haha) but wow what a view and experience! I highly recommend during this where ever you are that has this activity. Don't worry, were almost to the proposal story....you see he completely caught me off guard - we did so many activities on this trip! 


You're going to have to go to the next post to see pt.2 ;) 

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