SAX After Dark Event


What an amazing night! From the jazz music to all the dancing, did I have a great night at The Mezz with SAX After Dark! The romantic ambience eventually turned into a place where everyone can go to the dance floor and dance and enjoy their time with loved ones. My favorite part of the night was the musicians, wow I was blown away with the talent of these artists. From covering pop, latin, r&b, who knew jazz music could be so diversed!

Outfit of the Night

The Hosts 

The Experience

Aida and I had the honors of hosting this event, it was my very first time being an MC it was a great opportunity!

Make sure you follow SAX AFTER DARK on Facebook to stay updated for more events! (P.s. there may or may not be one coming up this summer in the works already, but follow to find out!) It's always refreshing to do something different for a date night or a night out with friends! The best part of it is that you get to connect and hang with other people, listen to great music and enjoy a nice meal. What's not to love! 

Until next time, Xo

Photopgraher - JESSE.SZO

Special thanks to the team behind SAX After Dark, I can't wait for more events!