Casa Blanca

Today, I decided to get out of my "Sunday Bumday" habits and explore Orlando. I took a stroll down Park Ave and visited yummy bakeries in Winterpark. I love just casually discovering new places that I want to go back and actually eat there. Fun fact: I have a list of places I want to go back to and eat on my phone...the list is long. Anyways this outfit is just simple and comfy aka me all the way. During the summer time in Florida you never know what to expect with the weather, my hat was def. me being prepared for both the blazing sun and the random rain. My t-shirt dress is fairly new and I've been on the hunt for this piece for quite sometime! This is actually a Large t-shirt from Forever21, but I tried it on anyways and it was long enough to pass as a dress. Anyways, hope you all enjoy this post! The Spanish vibes in this little spot I found was def. my favorite part about this post.

T-Shirt Forever21 // Hat Forever21 // Sandals Forever21 // Bag Marshalls